Transferring Mesecons to minetest-mods

On Christmas Eve 2011, more than 5 years ago, I published the first version of my “Mesecons” mod for the Minecraft clone “Minetest”. Mesecons adds digital electronics to the game, very similar to what redstone does for Minecraft. Ever since, Mesecons has been a personal passion of mine and I have spent countless hours improving player experience and eradicating bugs.


Unfortunately, due to my time-consuming University studies and other side projects, I just do not have the time anymore to perform my duties as a maintainer for the Mesecons GitHub repository. I have thus decided to transfer ownership of the project to the amazing Minetest-Mods organization that will from now on take care of one of Minetest’s most popular mods.

Even though it feels difficult to say farewell to my most longstanding software project, I believe that this will bring advantages for both players and developers in the long run. And if Mesecons ever needs me, I will stick around and monitor its continued development closely ;)